Still lots of water in Switzerland

Here in Buchs, Aargau there’s no water in sight but all over the south and western parts of Switzerland they have all the water they need — and then some…

Water high in the streets

This morning Stéphanie told me that the Thun sea 70 cm over the “damage level”, and that she wouldn’t be able to go the direct way with train from Brig to Berne (and from there onto Aarau). I assume that the “damage level” is the highest level is can reach before flowing into the surrounding areas?

There is an alternative (about two hour longer) route going over Lausanne but the SBB are urging people to stay put and not travel around the country unless necessary. So she’ll wait in Wallis for now. It’s good that she’s going by train and not by car — just look at this image:

Where's the road?

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  1. Water Damaged:

    Seeing what the water done to the road is amaging. It truely is crazy the power of water has on our engineering, I men, to rip a road from its foundation like a tow in incredible.

    I hope no one was hurt in this.

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