Want something easy? Try Klondike

If you find that you keep loosing in La Belle Lucie (dispite my tips :-) then try something much easier: the classic Klondike. This rules of this game are a stark contrast to those of La Belle Lucie: here you’re allowed to do almost everything.

You can move cards around more or less as you please, they just have to be in sequence and of alternating suit. But what really matters here is that you’re not restricted to just the top-most card — you can move a build starting from any card in it. What a relief! :-) If you run out of cards in the talon, then just redeal — another thing which you aren’t allowed to do in La Belle Lucie…

I’ve been able to win four of my last eight Klondike games so that’s 50% — does somebody know the chances of winning in this game? Also, it seems that you have almost no chance of making a bad move in Klondike (again in contrast to La Belle Lucie where the most obvious moves often lead directly to a lost game). So is the game decided beforehand or do the player actually have some influence on the result?

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