Holidays — playing with PEL

Of course something would be wrong if I didn’t play with my computer now that I finally am able to do it with good conscience :-)

I’m now playing with [PEL][], I want to make an online Exif editor where you can submit your image and then change the Exif information at will. It will take some time, but I think it will be a nice demo of what PEL can do. A long the way I hope to be able to improve PEL here and there when I figure out what works and what doesn’t. The funny thing about PEL is that I have only been using it in command-line [PHP][] scripts, but never before on a webpage. So I might have missed some things when I made it — time and experience will tell.


  1. dave:


    i am working on a gallery for my web site, and have noticed that my image metadata is removed by gd when manipulating images, do you have a quick tutorial anywhere on using pel for reading and writing exif data?


  2. dave:

    oops, just reading through the api now, but if you have any nice, easy tutorials apart from that, it’d still be very helpful

  3. Martin Geisler:

    Nope, there are no easy tutorials yet… unfortunately. You’re welcome to write one :-)

  4. dave:

    i might do a small write up of my experimentation/testing on my site, i’ll pass on the link if i ever get around to it
    just starting to get the hang of it now

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