Hacking E17

Enlightenment logo E17 — the next version of the classic [Enlightenment][] window manager — is getting better and better each day, and it’s fun to hack! Not that I’ve done anything ground-breaking with it, but it’s fun nonetheless.

After my initial success with the keyboard move/resize patch I sat down and wrote a Danish translation for E17. This doesn’t really count at coding, except that I also changed the Autoconf and Automake macros used so that one no longer has to edit both configure.in and po/Makefile.am when adding new translations. Again, it’s nothing deep, but it’s nice to be able to contribute a little here and there. And by the way, if someone has any suggestions for the Danish translation then please send them my way… I have no clue how to translate several of the terms used in a window manager, for example, what Danish word would you translate ‘Shade’ into?

Danish or not — if you’re running Linux, then you should definitely try downloading Enlightenment (do a [CVS][] checkout of e17/libs and e17/apps) and build it. Everything builds and installs very nicely without requiring root access when you use ./autogen.sh --prefix=~/opt or similar. If you don’t want to bother compiling E17 yourself, then you can get packages for [Debian][] here. I don’t know about packages for other distributions, but try checking http://get-e.org/.

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  1. Martin Geisler:

    I’ve just had a look at my site through Internet Explorer and there’s
    a good and a bad thing to say about that:

    • The good news: IE as installed on Stéphanie’s laptop renders the
      PNG image correctly, including the alpha blended shadow. Very
      cool! (There has been some progress here, for such PNG images used
      to show up black in IE…)

    • The bad news: the layout is screwed! The sidebar does not do what
      its name says it should do: stay at the side. Instead it drops
      below the entire page… very strange. I guess I must have made one
      too many changes to the Kubrick theme that goes along with
      [WordPress][]… I’ll be making a new layout one day and then I’ll
      fix it.

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