I’m finally in the strong set

When I say “I” I’m talking about my GnuPG key, which has now been included in the set of strongly connected keys. See for yourself!

My key has a mean shortest distance (MSD) of 4.9, which means that on average you have a path of length 4.9 from your key to my key, provided that your key is also part of the strongly connected set. The path is made up by signatures from key to key.

My friends Thomas and Janus are now also part of the set because of the cross-signatures we’ve made.

I hope to become even more integrated after tomorrow, for there’s going to be held a keysigning party after the System Security exercises. I think that’s a really cool idea to hold such a party in relation to such a class for it helps getting people involved with cryptography so that it’s not just something they’ve heard about — they might end up using it every day like I do.

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  1. Janus’ Weblog » Blog Archive » Evening in November:

    [...] Martin’s blog has been quite active in the mean time. Apparently they have a lot of free-time in Switcherland. Recently he attended a PGP key-signing party and it seems that me and Thomas have become part of the “strong set”. Not sure exactly what this means - but at least it is obvious that a lot of people will now trust my pgp keys (which just reminded me that I have to link them from the blog) because of the inferred trust. [...]

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