Please don’t do that…

Browsing the access logs of my site is always fun — you never know what you’re gonna find! For example, it appears that people come to my site looking for information about the Microsoft formula (equation) editor.

LaTeX example

How strange, for I haven’t been using this clumsy thing in at least 7 years! These days I wouldn’t consider using anything but [LaTeX][] which gives you vastly superious results when typesetting complex formulae.

The example on the right is taken from my old school paper on Mersenne Primes (in Danish), and it shows that if 2p − 1 is a prime, then p must be a prime too, for if p = rs then we have just seen that 2s − 1 divides 2p − 1! Before you ask or look in the source of this page… the inline math was done by hand using ordinary [XHTML][] entities and tags. No fancy [MathML][] markup here! It’s not that I don’t want to, I just haven’t looked that much at MathML yet.

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