PHP Weather has moved

PHP Weather logo Next up on the list of things that people mistakenly still believe is to be found here on my site is [PHP Weather][]. I created PHP weather some five years ago, and in the beginning it lived its live on my site.

But it has since been moved to SourceForge, and has even gotten it’s own nifty domain name: So please update your links to point to that site instead of mine.


  1. Johannes:

    Hello Martin,

    good to find you here on this great and informative site.

    Your phpweather is really a great program. As I got V.1.62 to work, I still have a small problem with V.2.2.2 to get the raw metar data nicely shown.
    As I have no programming knowledge in php ; your php tutorial is something I have to study (I looked the first 2 pages, clear explanation and good to follow); would it be possible to take a look on the mailinglist ? I have posted there, but it seams “kind of dead”.

    And again, thank you for making this nice application available.


  2. Martin Geisler:

    Hi Johannes, I’m glad that you find PHP Weather cool. But unfortunately the project is kind of dead these days, as you’ve guessed… I have moved on to other projects, and nobody has stepped in to take over after me :-(

    Maybe asking in on a general PHP mailinglist/newsgroup would help? I don’t know…

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