Join the club, get your key signed!

GnuPG logo Today at the lecture on System Security I asked the lecturers and teaching assistants (Germano Caronni, Stefan Frei, and Senn Diana) if they would sign my GnuPG key.

And they agreed and promptly brought out their wallets to show me some legitimation and to give me their key fingerprints. I had brought my fingerprint with me as a bunch of paper slips with the output from gpg --fingerprint 7E45DD38 — they had their fingerprints as part of their business cards! Very cool!

So now I expect to become part of the strongly connected set of OpenPGP keys. This set contains 30,552 keys according to the status (see the bottom) latest keyanalysis report.

Another good source of information about this set is Web of trust statistics and pathfinder (Wotsap) by Jörgen Cederlöf, which makes nice graphs showing the trust relationship between the keys. Unfortunately the server is out of service at the moment — I hope they get it back online again soon. The PGP pathfinder & key statistics service by Henk P. Penning is a good way to trace paths to and from keys, but without the fancy graphics.

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