New week, new schedule

Last week I attended a number of diffeernt courses, some of them were really interesting, some of them not so. Since there were no exercise classes last week I had some more time than usual, so I litterally jumped into different lectures as I found out about them at the course catalog.

During so I discovered some new interesting lectures that I will be following: Security and Fault-tolerance in Distributed Systems in which we’ll take a more detailed look at the difficulities in keeping large distributed systems online. In the course on Language-Based Security we will look at stuff like proof-carying code and static security analysis. It’s going to be interesting to see how this stuff actually works — so far I’ve only heard about it as some sort of theoretical result, but it seems that it can actually be implemented. The last new course is also about security, specifically about E-Privacy: Privacy in the Electronic Society. The first lecture I attended was a bit dull, dealing only with the laws and regulations in this field (standards and recommentations for privacy policies on websites) but the lecturer promissed me that it would become more “hard-core” later on.

I’ll update my calendar later when I get time — it’s quite boring to make (X)HTML tables by hand when you’ve tried making them using the PhpWiki syntax or something similar.

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