Visiting Zürich

Today I took a small look at Zürich so that I will be able to find my way around when I start on the intensive German course on Monday. It turned out that I can take Tram Nr. 6 directly from the main train station to where the course will be held, so it couldn’t be any easier.

Yesterday Stéphanie and I went to the city hall to apply for a residence permit. It went without any problems, even though I didn’t have the required E111 form which (as far as I’ve understood…) explains that I’m covered by the Danish health insurence during my stay here in Switzerland.

As soon as I get my residence permit I will buy a GA (General-Abo). Every Swiss have such a subscription it seems. It’s expensive, but considering that I will be able to drive with all busses and trains in all of Switzerland it’s really a good deal. And then I’ll look just as cool as the real Swiss people when I show the GA upon inspection! :-)

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