Solving the puzzle

Today I’ve been trying to solve the puzzle that is my schedule. Originally when I was still in Denmark I looked at the available courses for the summer semester 2004, and from that I decided which courses I would like to follow.

Now that I’m here I’ve been going through the list, and have found that many of the courses overlap! It’s rather annoying not to be able to follow interesting courses just because they have been scheduled on top of other interesting courses.

At DAIMI things are done differently than at ETH — we pick our courses and they are then scheduled so as to minimize the number of overlaps. I don’t know how much hard work the administration has to put into it at DAIMI, but for us students it’s really great.

In the end I turned things upside-down and started to look at which courses I could fit into each weekday. That worked fairly well — I have a full schedule — but I still had to decide between a couple of courses which I would have liked to follow.

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