Sightseeing in Basel

The workshop on Swiissdytsch that I’m attending has arranged a small trip to Basel, where our teacher Astrid will guide us through the city.

The impression I got from the two hour walk through the town is that Basel is a more quiet city than Zürich. Perhaps something like Berne, where I’ve spend a couple of weeks last year. Even though Berne is the capital of Switzerland, it’s still a nice and cozy town. Zürich is much fast-paced I think.

The night ended with a visit to the Bar Rouge, a fancy bar at the top of the Basel Messeturm. As the name implies, then everything in this bar is red, but what makes this bar special is the toilet: the wall is made of glass so that one has a fantastic view over the city while one does… whatever one normally does at a toilet. Quite interesting concept :-)


  1. Lille pus:

    Hej dit fjols!
    Linket til den fjollede Zürich-by er — linket du skrev i teksten er fra Zürich Versicherungen :)

    dit pus

  2. Martin:

    Hmm, mange tak, det er rettet nu!

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