I’m back again after a great trip

Me with some mountains in the
background I came back from my trip to Switzerland a couple of weeks ago. The trip was really great, I finally got so see Stéphanies homeland and I got to meet her family. I felt very welcome in the family and I enjoyed meeting and getting to know everybody. That was the great thing about being away for three weeks: you really get to know the place instead of just being passing through. So now I’m even more excited about my trip next year to ETH Zürich where I’ll be studying for a whole year, beginning in March 2005.

But eventually I had to return from Switzerland, and more importantly, from Stéphanie :-( It was strange to get back and live alone again, but luckily this is only temporary! That helps to keep the mood up.

Work, work, work… (but fun work!)

Another thing that helps on the mood is distraction by work: I have been busy with work ever since I got back to Denmark. I’ve started working for University of Aarhus, where I’ll be developing software for the DAIMI:dIntProg course. This is the very first course that the young future computer scientists get, and now they’ll have to deal with exercises made by me… hehe! :-) No, luckily for them, then it wont be as bad as it sounds, for Michael Caspersen (the lecturer) is looking after me and he will make sure that the exercises don’t get too far fetched :-)

So far it’s been great fun working on these projects — I get to play all day long making small programs. I’ve also worked on some Python code for another project, and so far I find Python to be a very cool language.

Need psychiatric help?

Speaking of working, then my mom has just opened her own website: http://x-psyk.dk/. She is opening a private business where she will be offering psychiatric help in the form of conversations and advice. She has just finished her degree in pedagogical psychology and is now getting ready to work.

That’s it for now… –Martin Geisler

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