Go grab PEL version 0.6

The PHP EXIF Library (PEL) is written in pure PHP and makes it easy to read and write EXIF headers found in JPEG and TIFF images.

Before going to Switzerland I just found time to prepare a new release. Go grab it, and also remember to upgrade to PHP 5, which is now, finally, out as a stable version. Use http://dotdeb.org/ as your source of PHP 5 debs for Debian. –Martin Geisler


The interface for PelJpeg and PelTiff was changed so that one now can add new content from scratch to JPEG and TIFF images. Bugs in the loading of signed bytes and shorts were fixed, aswell as a bug where timestamps were saved in UTC time, but loaded in local time. The code that turned PelJpeg objects into bytes was fixed, and new test cases were written to test the writing and reading of PelJpeg objects to and from files. New images from Nikon models E950, E5000, and Coolscan IV have been added to the test suite, bringing the total number of tests up to more than 1000.


  • The timestamps were saved as UTC time in PelEntryTime, but loaded as local time in PelEntry. This lead to differences when one tried to load a previously saved timestamp.

  • Changed the constructors in PelJpeg, PelExif, PelTiff, and PelIfd so that one can now make new objects without filling them with data immediatly. This makes it possible to add, say, a new APP1 section with EXIF to a JPEG image lacking such information.

  • Fixed loading of signed bytes and shorts in PelConvert.

  • Renamed the isValidMarker() method into just isValid() in PelJpegMarker, so that it matches the other isValid() methods found in PelJpeg and PelTiff.

  • Added test images from Nikon models E950, E5000 and the film scanner Coolscan IV ED, and added tests that would read their contents.

  • The shell scripts could only be run from the test directory because of the use of relative paths in the require_once() statements. The scripts can now be run from any directory.

  • A stupid bug that prevented PelJpeg objects from being turned into bytes was fixed.

  • Fixed the output of PelEntryRationals::getText().

Download PEL

PEL is hosted on SourceForge:

http://prdownloads.sf.net/pel/pel-0.6.tar.bz2?download (1118 KiB)
http://prdownloads.sf.net/pel/pel-0.6.tar.gz?download (1273 KiB)
http://prdownloads.sf.net/pel/pel-0.6.zip?download (1438 KiB)

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