Trip to London

Me infront of the National Gallery at Trafalgar Square Stéphanie and I went to London on the 1st of July for a quick three day trip. We had a really nice time, and we saw a lot of famous places: Westminster Abbey, House of Parlements, Big Ben, Tower Bridge, and lots more.

We didn’t spend much time inside the big museums over there, we only visited the National Gallery. Instead we enjoyed the streets of London, looking at the small colored flags in China Town, the huge amount of people in Oxford Street, some sort of dance performence group practicing on the steps on Trafalgar Square and Indian food in a small place in Soho.

We lived in a nice hotel on Leinster Gardens — we spend the last day walking through first Kensington Gardens and then Hyde Park, both of which were nearby. We ended up at Buchingham Palace, just in time to see the Changing of the Guards. We then took the tube back to Livingpool Street Station, and from there back to Harwich there our ferry waited.

All in all we had a great trip, and I took lots of pictures. When I got home I transferred them to my computer, the harddisk was still alive at that time. The next morning the computer was dead!

Now, luckily, Stéphanie had asked for the photos, and we had transferred them all to her computer, so the photos were saved. All my other photos (and other stuff) were saved by the backup I make every six hours to my good friend Svend’s computer. So even though my harddisk is dead, I shouldn’t have lost much.

But still… it will take a couple of days before I figure out what to do, so don’t expect me to answer any emails in that period. And if you’ve sent me mail after the 1st of July, then it has probable been lost :-( Sorry about that. I’ll let you know when my system is back –Martin Geisler

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