Harddisk crash

My harddisk (a Seagate Barracuda 7200, 80 GB) crashed yesterday… it just happened from one day to another. I got errors that match those described in the ReiserFS FAQ, indicating that my disk has bad blocks. When I tried to boot my computer from a RedHat 9 disk, then nothing worked — I could initiate the rescue mode, but the computer shut itself down when the rescue kernel tried to boot.

So there is either something really wrong with my harddisk, and this seems to affect the rest of the system too, or perhaps there is something wrong with the motherboard, the RAM, the CPU, or who knows what… I hate it when my system doesn’t play nice!

I have played with the thought of buying a whole new computer from the German Deltatronic. They make completely fan-less computers (fullfilling one of my long dreams: having a totally quiet computer), and by buying a whole computer that they’ve assembled and tested gives me some sort of confidence, that it will remain stable. We’ll see what I decide to do…

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