Happy Birthday, Kristoffer!

Birthday cake Today is birthday of my littlebrother Kristoffer — congratulations! He’s turning 17… only one year left until he can get a drivers license and other fun things, and, if he’s unlucky, military service.

And on a totally unrelated note: somebody stole an hour of my time today! I woke up, and at some point during the day I noticed that my computer clock was an hour ahead of my wrist-watch clock. “Strange” I thought… my computer should be synchronized using NTP against some Danish timeservers. So it should be accurate to within ±15 ms of UTC time.

(If your computer isn’t already doing so, then it ought to start using NTP right away. Install a NTP client and make it synchronize against pool.ntp.org. That DNS name will resolve into one of over a hundred different public timeservers from all over the world, see http://www.pool.ntp.org/.)

And indeed my compter was right: we’ve just switched to summertime in Denmark (and probably the rest of the EU if I’m not mistaken) and therefore we all have to live with a Sunday with only 23 hours.

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