Good times!

Sorry about the lack of news lately… I’ve had my mind on so many other things. The most important thing in my life now is Stéphanie — my girlfriend. We’ve just spend two wonderful days in Aalborg with my mom and dad and in general we just try to spend as much time together as possible!

I’m having holidays right now — no less than two weeks off! This is because of the new quarter system they’ve made for the natural sciences department where we’re going to have a break in the middle of the semester for our quarter exams. But I’m still having the good old semester courses, so I don’t have any exams now, and hence I have two weeks with nothing to do except enjoying myself!

[Debian logo][Debian] Right now I’m about to install [Debian][] on Stéphanies laptop — she’s already using SuSE but, frankly, I cannot figure out how their package system works… it looks very similar to the RPM-thing RedHat uses, with the same dependency problems. That’s what I like most about Debian: you don’t have to dig around on the web to find the right packages to satisfy the dependencies, for all the packages that depend on each other are usually right there next to each other on the same server and so APT can figure it out automagically. I know that there’s similar things for RPM packages, but I don’t want to use a lot of time to figure it out, I want something I’m familiar with.

That’s it for now — see you all later!

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