Happy New Year!

I would like to wish everybody a Happy New Year! Let’s hope the new year brings fortune and happiness to everybody.

Making caramelized potatoes I celebrated the New Years Eve here at [Skejbygård][] together with my friends. Jesper Klintø had invited a lot of friends from Sønderjylland and then we were Christina Strøhl and myself from my floor. We were a total of 18 people, and we had to cook dinner for them…

I was assigned to make the caramelized potatoes — something that I’ve never tried before. So I phoned my mom and she told me how the recipe was, and when I made them Jesper’s girlfriend Hanne helped me get them right — she know everything there is to know about cooking, so I was in good hands. Svend Sørensen also helped me, so it was actually quite fun to do the cooking.

The rest of the night was spend eating all the delicious food and then partying… Svend and I went for a tour around the other floors to see how they were doing: there was a party on the first, fourth, and sixth floor and we were immediately invited in to all of them :-)

I stayed at the sixth floor until the clock was just about 24, then I went down in to the basement to wish people a happy New Year. I went back up to the sixth floor afterwards to look at the fireworks, and to try to take pictures of it.

Fireworks! It turned out to be quite difficult to get a decent picture of the fireworks, but I did manage to take the picture you see to the left. The problem is that you have to time the shot pretty well, and then there’s the problem of getting enough light into the camera, for with the longer exposures the images become badly shaken…

Finally, around four in the morning, I went back to bed. Today has been a really quiet day here at [Skejbygård][]… but that’s just what one would expect after such a night :-)

Now with New Years Eve out of the way, I’m finally starting to get into gear about my exams… :-/ I’ve got three exams coming up in January, the first one will be on the 7th, it’s the oral exam in DAIMI:dOvs. Then there’s the written exams in DAIMI:dSprogSem and Complex Analysis coming up on the 13th and 22nd, respectively.

Well… we’ll see how it goes…

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