It’s done.

We (Thomas Mølhave, Lars Petersen, and I) handed in our code for the DAIMI:dOvs project very early in the morning last Friday, so the first phase is now over. Our compiler compiles any DAIMI-Scheme program you throw at it, and our VM runs any DAIMI-Scheme Bytecode program we could find, and it does it fast. So we’re very happy with the programs we’ve made in the project.

We now have until Friday the 12th to write a big report, so please don’t expect any updates on these pages until that time. And to make things worse, then we also have to deal with a compulsory exercise in DAIMI:dSprogSem which has a deadline on Wednesday 10th. So, I’m not bored, not bored at all…

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  1. Avi:

    good going..

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