So that was LinuxForum…

LinuxForum 2002 I’m back from LinuxForum — and to put it short: it wasn’t as good as last year. When Cookie and I arrived at Copenhagen Friday afternoon we started by going to our hostel (I didn’t know that there existed such a word, but a “hostel” is a cheap hotel — you get a bed and that’s about it). After we had checked in, we headed for down-town Copenhagen. It was surprisingly easy to find the right busses and trains, everything went according to the plan Cookie had made from .

The ship Endurance We then went to the Tycho Brahe Planetarium where we saw an Omnimaxfilm called Shackleton’s Voyage of Endurance. It was a really good film about how Shackleton managed to save all his men, after his ship was crushed by the ice in Antarctica.

LinuxForum was held the next day. It started out great with Eric S. Raymond who told about the hacker culture. Then there was a speech about Linux mainframe which was OK. But the other speeches were quite boring: they used 45 minutes to talk about something which you could read up on in 10 minutes. So we didn’t learn anything new, they just repeated what we already knew.

It could be, that Cookie and I simply went to the wrong speeches. After the first two speeches, the rest were given in parallel, so you had to choose between them. And it was difficult to judge the speeches beforehand. But we’ll be looking more carefully at the program next year, before we decide if we want to go again.

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