TMDA is great!

I’ve been using TMDA the last two weeks and I’m very fond of if. I’ve received about 1000 mails in those two weeks, 50 of those mails are currently held back by TMDA. They are all spam except for two mails which does look legitimate. I’ve only received a single spam message — it tricked TMDA by using an empty sender address. Empty sender addresses are used by mailservers when they bounce messages that were undeliverable, so it’s a little dangerous to block those mails. But if I receive more spam using this trick, then I’ll probably change the filters so that mail from <Mailer-Daemon@*> are let through, while other mails with an empty sender address are dropped. (I cannot send out confirmation requests for those mails, because of the empty sender address.)

It seams that the confirmation request that TMDA sends to people works well — 7 people have added themselves to my whitelist.

I also think that I’ve found the problem that caused those strange uncaught Python exceptions. It turned out that I had a .procmailrc file lying around in my homedirectory. I thought that I had cleaned up after my first attempts with TMDA and procmail but I must have forgot that file. Since I removed it, I haven’t seen any errors from TMDA.

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