TMDA is working

I told you about TMDA the other day — my new spam rejecting assistant. TMDA has caught 3 junk-mails so far, 2 mails await confirmation and over 50 mails have been let through.

So if you’re bothered by spam too, then I would suggest that you install TMDA at once. I’m using it together with getmail which is a Fetchmail replacement. The good thing about getmail is, that it can deliver the mails directly to TMDA whereas Fetchmail has to deliver them to Exim or whatever you’re running as your MTA. This saves you from the trouble of configuring your MTA (which failed for me) and is a more reasonable way of doing things in my eyes.

The only thing there’s left for me, is to figure out why I get some sporadic messages like this one in the debug-output from TMDA:

Uncaught Python 2.1.2 exception (Mon Feb 25 16:08:01 2002 UTC):
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/bin/tmda-filter", line 31, in ?
    execfile(os.path.join(execdir, 'tmda-rfilter'))
  File "/usr/bin/tmda-rfilter", line 153, in ?
    raise Errors.MissingEnvironmentVariable('SENDER')

I’ve been watching the log while retrieving messages, and nothing has happened. But when I look again a little later, I suddenly see the message. I hope to figure this out — I’ve been checking my messages via a webmail-system, and the ones retrieved correspond to the ones I can see on the server. But if everything fails and you can’t get mail through to me, then drop me a note in the guestbook.

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