No more SPAM!

I’ve fed up with spam. Each day I receive one or two mails from strange people who try and sell me strange things… So I’ve now installed TMDA which looks like the ultimate SPAM-buster. TMDA is very efficient because it uses a Whitelist-centric strategy: everything that is not explicitly allowed is denied.

This may sound a little harsh, but you can still get mail through to me, even if I’ve never met you. The first time I receive a mail from you, you’ll get a message back that looks like this one:

From: Subject: Please confirm your message by replying to this e-mail Reply-To:

Hi, I'm Martin's E-mail Assistant.

Your message has not been lost, it is just waiting for your
confirmation. This is because Martin is receiving so much SPAM, that
he has asked me to hold back e-mails to him from people that he
doesn't recognize.

Unfortunately I didn't recognize your address, so I would like you to
reply to this e-mail. When I receive your reply, I will forward your
original e-mail with the subject of "Hi Martin" to
Martin and add your address to the list of known addresses so that
you wont be bothered again.

You should be able to press 'Reply' in your mail-reader, or you can
send a new empty message to this address:

I'm sorry for the inconvenience and I hope you understand why it's

[ This notice was generated by TMDA v0.47 (,
  an automated junk-mail reduction system. ]

— Enclosed is a copy of your message.

From: You
Subject: Hi Martin

Hello Martin - how are you?

When you reply, the mail is sent to a strange-looking address. When I get the reply back, TMDA recognizes the address forward your original mail to me. You’ll only have to go though this confirmation-process once.

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