My AMD Athlon 900 MHz has arrived and so has the Asus A7V motherboard complete with 128 MB PC133 RAM. I decided that it would be better not to buy 256 MB RAM after the prices suddenly sky-rocketed. About a month ago the prices rose about 125$ for 256 MB. But fortunately the Athlons dropped in price, so now I can afford a 900 MHz instead of a 850 MHz.

Titan Socket A Cooler (Golden Orb) That’s all very nice, but after I had replaced the old motherboard and CPU, the machine wouldn’t boot. It crashed mysteriously every time. Then I looked though the BIOS — everything looked fine, it had detected the correct processor, RAM, etc. But when I looked at the “Hardware Monitor” section I found the culprit. The processor was getting hotter and hotter every second! The temperature rose with about 1 degree Celsius per second. And this was when the computer was completely idle. I watched the temperature go from 35 to 75 degrees Celsius (from 95 to 167 degrees Fahrenheit) in a very short time. Not a pleasant sight. So now I’ve ordered a new cooler for the Athlon, a “Titan Socket A Cooler (Golden Orb)” from Thermaltake. So lets hope that can keep it cool.

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