PHP Weather v. 1.24

PHP Weather PHP Weather has been improved again. New features include:

  • You can now choose between using a DBM database, a MySQL database or not at all for your METARs. This was added by Jeffrey Y. Sue.

  • The pretty_print_metar() functions now reports all available cloud layers.

  • If the current weather-conditions are reported by the station, then that information will show up in the pretty_print_metar() function. I have learned a new thing because of that: it actually rains in Honolulu, Hawaii. But not as often as where I live, in Aalborg, Denmark :-)

    Also, if the station reports that there was a “trace” of precipitation, it will be part of the output.

  • There is also a bug-fix that prevented PHP Weather from running on PHP3. I had used the new array_shift() function, but it is only available in PHP4. So i rewrote that piece of code using functions also present in PHP3.

  • Fix for some broken reports that miss the time-part. If it’s not present we add the current time to the metar. It might not be the time the report was made, but the report was broken anyway :-)

You should really upgrade — it wont break things, just make them work a little better :-)

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