New graphicscard

Asus V7700 At the ANP netparty last weekend, I saw a GeForce 256 in action. And it was easy to see how powerful it is. On a Pentium III 800 MHz it ran games at 1600×1200 with maximum detail levels!

So I decided that I need a GeForce in preparation for the next party. Since the GeForce2 Ultra has yet to arrive in Denmark (and considering that it will be quite expensive), I choose a V7700 Deluxe from Asus.

Another exciting thing about these GeForce cards, it that NVIDIA is making Linux drivers! This means that I’ll be able to get accelerated OpenGL, which will be used intensively in upcoming versions of Enlightenment. As you can see on my screenshots-page, I can only make 15-20 FPS even with my new Athlon. On the Enlightenment-maillinglist there have been reports of frame rates of 100 FPS. So it will be exciting to see how my system compare to that.

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