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Since it’s Christmas, I’ve made a little Christmas-screenshot for you. It should help to get everybody into the right mood :-) Go take a look at it here.


I will not be home this weekend, we are visiting some family. But I’ve made a screenshot, where you can see the new Trash Can in efm. Its actually working — pretty impressive.

Screenshots page

I’m working on a page where you can see my screenshots. It will be kind of like this news page, but with screenshots instead of news. Stay tuned for more!

A fine screenshot

Click to see the screenshot in full size

I’ve taken a screenshot showing off efm. You can see the very cool transparent menus efm makes — they makes it easy to navigate to the folder or file you need. I’ve also magnified an icon, so you can see the beautiful alpha-blended icons we have here in efm!

The full image 400 Kb in size, so beware, if you sit behind a small line.