Lars and Rune meet Fætter BR

Yesterday was the day of the grand opening of the newly expanded Storcenter Nord and of course we had to go there and have a look. I’ll post more about that later, for now I’ll just show you the winning picture of the day: when Lars and Rune met Fætter BR:

Look how happy they are...

Annoying Stofa terms

Stéphanie and I have become a pair of those strange people you sometimes hear about who don’t watch TV… it started when I got back home from Switzerland and didn’t install my TV tuner in my computer right away. Suddenly a month had passed without a TV, and it wasn’t something which I particularly missed.

The silly thing is that we have the big plan at Stofa, paying some 200 DKK (~$30) a month for nothing. Not exactly nothing, since we’re also getting our Internet connection through Stofa, so I thought that we were required to have a TV subscription too.

That is true if you get your Internet over their cable network, but Stofa also offers their Internet through ADSL, and for that you don’t need any TV subscription. So today I called Stofa to have them switch us over and terminate the TV subscription.

Of course they were happy to help, but at a price… First of all it turns out that you only have four chances a year to cancel your subscription, once every quarter. And as if that wasn’t enough, you have to do it two months in advance… So we have to keep paying for the full package until December.

Couldn’t we just switch to a smaller and cheaper package? Of course we can, but at a price… Switching would save us 150 DKK a month, but the switch itself costs 500 DKK! Those bastards have us exactly where they want us!

No tivoli, but lots of rain

Rain! Today the plan was to go to Tivoli Friheden with a bunch of people from DAIMI. But as the weather forecast spoke of rain and thunder I cancelled…

It did rain a bit during the afternoon, but here in the evening it really went loose! The streets are filled with water and it’s quite a sight when a car drives through. Nice cozy weather, perfect for sitting indoor and playing with my computer :-)

Mighty cool :-)

Stéphanie showed me this site today… I’m glad someone finally found out! :-D

Faces for everybody

Planet, planet, planet... I’ve updated Planet DAIMI once again with new blogs — welcome to Troels and Doina. I believe I’ve now added everybody I know here at [DAIMI][] who has a blog. Let me know if you feel left out.

And I’ve finally put face images online for Rune (the phony one) and Trier, hurray for that :-) Requests for new images and minor plastic surgery should also be sent to me.