No tivoli, but lots of rain

Rain! Today the plan was to go to Tivoli Friheden with a bunch of people from DAIMI. But as the weather forecast spoke of rain and thunder I cancelled…

It did rain a bit during the afternoon, but here in the evening it really went loose! The streets are filled with water and it’s quite a sight when a car drives through. Nice cozy weather, perfect for sitting indoor and playing with my computer :-)


  1. Rune:

    …and your blog-theme, nice :-)

    And because of you cancelling the tivoli-trip, I went fighting for two hours and got a skin abrasion on my cheekbone. I think Brabrand is going to be really happy about that tomorrow morning when we are shooting some scenes. So thanks Martin ;-)

  2. Martin Geisler:

    I’m glad you like the theme… I figured that I should do something about the blog now that I’ve finally upgraded to WP2. So what better action than installing the so-called “classic” WordPress theme… :-)

    About your fight — well, I don’t know what to say… maybe you should stop fighting the big boys?

  3. Rune:

    But I like fighting and I didn’t loose any fight (to the “big boys”) yesterday, I was just unlucky for a split second!

    …and by the way, I don’t mind getting bruises from fighting, it’s more Brabrand worries about my career as an actor ;-p

  4. Martin Geisler:

    Hehe :-) I guess we’re all worried about your career…

  5. drft4t:

    very nice and good drops of water

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