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A new printer

Epson EPL5800PS

I’ve now ordered the EPL-5800PS! The bad news is that it won’t arrive until the 25th of April — that’s 14 days from now… It seams that there isn’t a big marked for these Epson printers, because I couldn’t find it in stock anywhere. Oh well — I guess that I’ll just have to sit tight until it arrives.

I can’t wait to see how my LaTeX documents look when printed by it. I have been using a HP DeskJet 970Cxi for my printing until now. Because it’s an inkjet, the output is slightly fuzzy. Not to mention that I have to move the files to a machine running Windows to print them…

Damn - it’s ugly!

I’ve just printed a physics-report written in MS Word. It was a group-assignment, so we wrote it in Word, instead of LaTeX, because the other half of the group only use Word.

Not only did Word freeze at least once, but the math produced by the Equation-editor just looks somewhat odd compared to the output produced by LaTeX. The worst thing is probably the spacing. It’s simply wrong in many places. I hope that I won’t have to struggle with Word again for some time :-)