Arrived in Switzerland

My three month stay at IBM has started, and so far it is going well. I arrived Sunday and had my first day Monday. The first day was spend doing administration: I got my picture taken for a chip card which is used for opening doors and for paying in the canteen. I also got a bunch of stuff about how I should look after the environment, how I should look after my own health (sit correctly at my desk), and especially about how I should take care not to leave any “IBM confidential” material lying around at my desk when I’m not there. Protecting the IP (”Imaginary Property”, ehh, I mean “Intellectual Property”) is taken pretty serious around here, but since I don’t expect to be involved in anything confidential I should be safe…

I have no pictures to show yet since i don’t have a way to get them off my camera. Back home I always just used the card reader in my monitor, but here I don’t have such a reader. So I will have to find and buy a USB cable (I couldn’t find the original before I left).

So that’s all for now!

Oh, just one more thing… VIFF 0.6 has been released last week. It has greatly improved performance, updated documentation, and various bug fixes. So please try it out!


  1. Kristian Kristensen:

    Spændende :-)
    Håber alt er vel.

  2. Thomas:

    God fornøjelse. Nyd Chokoladen ;)

  3. Rune:

    Mmmm… thick yoghurt.

  4. John:

    Does anyone ever update this website anyomore. I have not seen a new post in about a year. Or has it been abandoned?

  5. Martin Geisler:

    Hi John! I’ve stopped blogging. I got tired of the endless amounts of spam comments and WordPress insecurities (after using Python I cannot get myself excited about touching the ugly PHP code…) as well as the form. By “form” I mean the style where you write something, never to return to it again.

    These days I’m spending my free time improving the Mercurial revision control system. The nice thing about code is that you naturally work with it and improve it as you do so. With a blog I sometimes felt that I was just piling trivial stuff upon more trivial stuff.

    I think I will eventually make something new at my new domain: But right now I’m happy with hacking on Mercurial. The blog has basically stayed up because of the sponsered links you see at the bottom — they pay for the hosting of this site and others :-)

  6. John:

    I understand completly Martin. It can get very time consuming and at some point you ask yourself why. Be well.

  7. looker:

    this was adorable :)thanks do much for sharing this.