Get the new VIFF 0.5

VIFF 0.5 has been released — this is the latest and greatest VIFF release so far with preliminary support for pre-processing, an actively secure multiplication protocol (it is only twice as slow as the passively secure protocol!) and much more… Download at

For the next release we are working on improving the documentation by using the excellent Sphinx documentation generator. This is the same system used by Python itself and I really like the way it encourages us to write documentation for humans instead of computers. By that I mean that the documentation is more free-form and so you automatically stop writing stuff like

@param share_a: The first share.
@type share_a: Share

which adds nothing to the documentation, except filling out some blanks in the generated API doc.

If you have any ideas for VIFF, then please let us hear! We would love to see more people use it — please tell us what is good and what is bad about the framework.


  1. Sandeep Soni:

    This is a great article on VIff 0.5

  2. Avi:

    thanks for the info….

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