Sabro, here we come!

Outside view of a house in the same block as ours Yes, we got the answer today: we can move to a 90 m² big apartment in Sabro on the first of March 2007. The 34 m² we have now is simply too small for two people with a lot of stuff — there’s no place to put the damn things! So we’re both looking so much forward to moving to a bigger place… :-)

Things we can now finally buy since we have the space for them:

  • A dish washer! I’m really tired of washing up all the time, and so it Stéphanie

  • A full-height refrigerator/freezer. Right now we only have a half-height refrigerator with a small box for some ice cream.

  • Dance Dance Revolution pads to play StepMania :-) Out in Sabro there’s no one living below us, so we can jump up and down as much as we want…

  • More things to come as we think of them :-)


  1. Thomas:

    Hey, cool :). Congratulations, I hope to see you new place at some house-warming party!

  2. Stéphanie:

    You’re most welcome to see it the day we’re moving in — you can have a look at it whilst carying boxes inside. :D

  3. Rune:

    Yeah, congratulations. Unfortunately I cannot help you with those boxes, but please send me some pictures from the event :D

  4. Martin Geisler:

    Rune: It’s a shame you’ll be in Amsterdam then, but you’ll get to see it when you get home, since we plan to keep this home for a while :-)

    Thomas: Of course we’ll make some sort of party after having moved in. This time there might even be enough room for all of us (I thought it was a bit crowded last time we met in my place).

  5. Thomas:

    Yeah, it was a bit crowded :). And sure, I’ll help you move.

  6. Martin Geisler:

    Thanks for the offer to help us, I’ll look forward to it :-)

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