New monitor!

A big one this time… :-) Look for yourself:

My next monitor

I’ve finally done it — I’ve bought the Dell UltraSharp3007WFP LCD! This is a 30″ flat panel monitor, a bit more than two times as big as the 20″ LCD I have now. The resolution is 2560×1600 pixels compared to 1600×1200 before. Wow! :-)

I’ve been lurking around it for quite some time now, and yesterday I discovered that Dell has put it on sale here in Denmark: 25% off so it now costs just 11,500 DKK. So I placed an order :-)

The sad thing is that they say it will take at least three weeks for it to be delivered :-(


  1. Dan V. P. Christiansen:

    Damn. That’s one expensive monitor. Two questions come to mind: a) How can you afford it as a student? and b) Do you have a kick-ass GPU to drive it? Anyway, congrats :)

  2. Mikkel:

    a) Cheap student apartment combined with 3 x SU + TA salary.
    b) Not yet.

  3. Martin Geisler:

    Well, it’s not so difficult: as a hard-working PhD student, I earn about 12,000 DKK per month after taxes :-) So one can easily put some money aside. More importantly, I have a company, and thus I can subtract VAT and taxes. That brings the effective price down to something between 4,000 and 5,000 DKK, which is quite reasonable.

    As for the graphics card, then that’s the next question… my current card is nothing special — I dno’t even remember the exact model — so I need a new one with a dual-link DVI connection. Suggestions will be gladly accepted, especially if they are without a fan!

  4. Martin Geisler:

    Wow, I see that I should have simply referred you to Mikkel, my official spokesperson :-)

  5. Kristian Kristensen:

    Hmm… du er jo helt gokkelok :-)

    Men tillykke da. Så slipper du også for at købe et fjernsyn, du kan bare bruge skærmen ;-)

  6. Martin:

    Jeg ved ikke hvad “gokkelok” betyder, men jeg vil tage det som et komplement :-) Det med fjernsynet er en del af planen… jeg glæder mig til at se film på en stor og bred skærm.

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