Neat and tidy

I’ve now changed Planet DAIMI so that it runs all content through HTML Tidy. That will clean up the strange stuff people post there… it is only the markup that is corrected, I cannot do anything about the content :-)

Any warnings given by Tidy will be displayed before the content of the post/comment, so you still have a chance of noticing. But there should be no more of the boring big red boxes saying “You didn’t write real XML, so I won’t display it, haha!” (or whatever it was it said).


  1. Thomas:

    Nice, it was a bit annoying to see all those post disappear. Did you have to change a lot of code?

  2. Martin Geisler:

    No, not at all! I had already made the code for calling Tidy, I just didn’t use it since it seems a bit sad to run it all the time. But now it’s activated — I can then try and optimize it so that each entry is only processed once.

  3. Thomas:

    run it all the time? What do you mean.

  4. Martin Geisler:

    I mean run the external tidy program whenever the feeds are updated. When your feed is changed, all entries are piped through Tidy and then stored in a database.

    This is a bit of a waste since typically there’s only one new entry out of 10. So it’s silly to reprocess the other 9. But that’s the way it works right now.

  5. Thomas:

    Check out this post I found on planet gnome.

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