Keeping score of things

The newest feature on our Planet is post statistics. Every time you make a post you earn 1 point. The total score within the time horizont of the Planet (the latests 15 posts within the last week) determines your order in the list of faces at the top.

The score will probably also determine the size of your face one day…

Suggestions for a better formula is of course happily accepted — patches against the SVN repository is accepted even more happily :-)


  1. Evil princess kirkebrand:

    I think it’s a cool feature, and I just earned another point for saying that :-)

  2. Mikkel:

    Actually you didn’t. The cool part is that it no longer counts comments.

  3. prunus:

    I think, would be better to get the points as a reward for how good is an article (yeah, now I’m “the winner”, due to moving my contributions to the new category (blog) with a new date - but don’t know whether becoming the biggest grapho(wo)man is so admirable). I suggest to implement some “reward button” - if you like an article, you can click on it (once from one IP, e.g) .

  4. Martin Geisler:

    Sounds complicated and interactive… right now the Planet is generated every 15 minutes and dumped into a static HTML page.

    I would much rather count the number of comments made by each of you, recognized by some heuristic (comments by “prunus” and “mirka” would be counted towards your score). I guess the number of comments made on each blog should count for something too, sort of an activity score…

  5. Thomas Mølhave:

    Ranking Fanboy

    Big news, Martin has introduced a ranking system on the planet. We are now all ranked according to how many posts we have made on our blogs. I have no idea on how ties are broken though, perhaps Martin can clarify this?
    And no, increasing my ranking wa…

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