Almost an overflow…

Having just commented on Janus’ comment about overflows in C#, I went to the kitchen to pour me a cup of apple juice. The bottle was almost empty so I poured out all of it. The result was this nice colorful view:

A cup full of apple juice

Maybe you can already see that the cup is full, very full infact! Here’s a close-up made at an angle almost level with the water:

Notice the curvy water!

I love the way the water curves instead of staying flat like water normally does :-) I also like the colors, I think this site needs some colors after all the long-winded discussions about C#…


  1. Thomas:

    nice, colors :)

  2. Dan V. P. Christiansen:

    Obviously, you need to look closer at the glass next time you pour a drink. Water hardly ever stays flat. Perhaps “surface tension” rings a bell? ;-)

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