Fixed dates in Planet DAIMI

I’ve been messing around with the dates in Planet DAIMI this evening in an attempt to have the all outputted in our preferred timezone: European Standard Time, a.k.a. GMT+1. It finally worked, but I still managed to become mildly upset about the whole mess about timezones, local time, offsets, etc. :-)

But luckily I find [Python][] a mightly fine language to hack around in — the syntax is simply great and the way you can play with lists (called “list-comprehensions“) is too cool.


  1. Thomas:

    Cool, I hate time-confusion :)

  2. Martin Geisler:

    Yep, it’s mightly confusing… let me know if there’s more trouble with it…

  3. Thomas:

    It might be nice if the planet displayed the comment count on the posts as well, as it is I still browse round all the blogs to check for new comments.

  4. Martin Geisler:

    That’s a very good idea, and I’ve been thinking of how to implement this… I can subscribe the planet to you guys comment feeds with no problem, but it would be nicer if the comments would be grouped with the correct posts.

  5. Thomas:

    Actually, both could be very good. That way you could easily see the number of comments on the most recent news, and the other feed would provide all comments enabling us to “catch” comments to old pieces of news. (I love to say “old pieces of news” :) )

    The downside, ofcourse, is that you will get all the traffic then ;)

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