First snow in Buchs!

Looking out the window, Stéphanie suddenly said: “Er det sne?!” (”Is that snow?”) And it was… here in the evening it has begun to snow. Just a little, but it counts :-) Look for your self — you’ll have to excuse the strange colors, the white balance is a bit weird here at night with the warm glow from the lamp post:

A little snow on the ground.

This must be a sign that winter is coming… and so is Christmas :-) I’ll go home to Denmark for the Christmas, just like last year, but I’ll be back in Switzerland again to celebrate the New Year. The plans are not finalized yet — I’ll keep you updated when I know more.


  1. Lars Lykke:

    Hey there Martin…Just dropped by and noticed you had some snow in CH. There was actually snow here in DK as well on the 28th November. Not much…But still enough that I had to scrape the sidewalk.

  2. Martin Geisler:

    Hi Lars, nice of you to come by! :-)

    I heard about the snow in Denmark… here we got some 5–10 cm, but it was all cleared off the streets and sidewalks when I got up.

    Anyway… I see you have updated your DAIMI homepage quite a lot, it’s very cool now — the link you have to Gnuplot tips is good!

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