Yeah, I’m making progress!

Hehe, I finally found Captain Blondebeards membership card to the Brimstone Beach Club… and so I could get past the pesky cabaña boy! But only to find myself confronted with a very hot beach:


Luckily I think I know how to get across — it’s (unfortunately) not the first time I play The Curse of Monkey Island :-)

I would like to give a big thanks to the brilliant guys making the ScummVM engine, allowing me to play the game on Linux! You’re doing a great job of keeping these old games alive.


  1. ubik:

    I love Monkey Island. But the bad thing on adventure games is, that you can’t play it just one time. If you play it a second time, you know the secrets :(

  2. Martin Geisler:

    Yes, this is the third time I play it and I know quite a lot of the puzzles :-( But not all of them, fortunately, so there’s still some gameplay left in it!

  3. Jogos:

    Its not 100% true that if you play one time you’ll know all the secret. But yeah! after finishing one time you’ll know most of the secret.

  4. helen:

    put towels accross the sand

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