Switching to PHP5

PHP logo I’ve just arranged to have mgeisler.net upgraded to use PHP version 5 instead of the old version 4. The site will be moved to a new server, but there shouldn’t be any downtime because of that.

I’m not sure if the new PHP5 installation will have support for the old PHP MySQL extension, and if not, [WordPress][] will stop working for a little while. It shouldn’t be long, though, for as far as I understand it, switching to the improved MySQL extension is just a matter of replacing all the mysql_*() function calls with the corresponding mysqli_*() calls.

The secret aim in this is of course to make a demo site for my little [PHP EXIF Library][pel] — I guess one would expect the author of such a library to be the first to use it, and with PHP5 on my server I’ll finally be able to do that.

A couple of hours later: Hmm… that didn’t hurt at all — mgeisler.net is now running on a server with PHP5 and so far everything seems to work just the same as before!

I must say that I’m constantly impressed by the people at NEXCESS.NET who host mgeisler.net — they have responed within the hour to every single support request, be it a small one like giving IP address SSH access, or a bigger one like going from PHP4 to PHP5. I fully agree with the praise given to Greg Swaney here: I’ve never seen better customer service.


  1. Martin Geisler:

    The switch is now complete — the DNS servers have caught up with the change.

  2. Martin Geisler:

    And now I’ve also got my SSH access back so that I finally could upload the Enlightenment logo. As always: Let me know if you find anything broken!

  3. Greg Swaney:

    Thanks Martin! Glad you’re happy with us! :)

  4. Martin Geisler:

    I use am! Very professionel service.

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