Summer fun: play solitaire!

Stéphanie is not your typical gamer: she doesn’t play games like DOOM 3, Half-Life 2, or any such silly nonsense. Not even a cute, funny, swashbuckling, puzzle game like The Curse of Monkey Island worked on her… I’ve been playing it a bit, mostly for nostalgic reasons and because I can — using the excellent ScummVM!

So what does she play?! Is she always using the computer for concentrated hard work? No, not entirely, I’m glad to say :-) She’s playing solitaire games, La Belle Lucie to be precise. She’s been doing this ever since I got to know her, but I’ve never really been interested in solitaire — but not in DOOM or Half-Life either… I leave that kind of games to more competent people, who doesn’t get scared every 20 seconds when a monster jumps out from behind a corner!

A couple of days ago I tried to play a game… And since then I’ve been playing quite a lot! :-) First of all: La Belle Lucie is a rather difficult game, and often you don’t even have a chance of winning. So it requires a good mixture of luck and skill to finish successfully, but when you do then it’s deeply satisfying.

PySol logo If you want to give it a go then go and download the excellent PySol which has La Belle Lucie along with more than 200 other solitaire like games. You can build it yourself from the source on the homepage, but it’s probably easier to download a package for your choice of Linux distribution. It’s written in Python so it runs on windows too.

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  1. John:

    I prefer playing spider solitaire

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