Argh! What a waste of time!

I’ve just been to Zürich in an attempt to print the last of the slides for my exam tomorrow — I came home with three sets of slides printing, still missing two sets!

The printers at the [ETH][] at just so unreliable that it’s a joke! They spend most of their time “processing” jobs whatever that means and very little time actually printing! The printer queues are constantly filled up with jobs that have been waiting not just 10–15 minutes but hours! The three sets of slides that I managed to bring home were submitted for printing last Thursday. When I submitted them I waited half an hour for them to print and then decided to go home — it seems that you have to plan for a delay of at least a day when you want to print something. Maybe they do this on purpose in an attempt to limit our use of paper? It’s happened before ya’ know… I don’t think so, but still…

When I got home at half past six I realized that I couldn’t do any shopping here in Aarau/Buchs for all the shops close at — well… — six thirty. Compared to Denmark, then Switzerland has some really silly opening hours for their shops: they like to close around noon so from 11:30 until 14:00 you’re out of luck. On Sundays everything is closed, even the bakery — in Denmark they make the most money on Sundays for this is when people have time to go buy breakfest, but not in Switzerland.

Hmm… I wonder how the opening hours are in other contries around the world? Please leave a comment on this, it will be really interesting to hear a bit about the systems in other contries!

Oh well… letting some steam out helped :-) Now I’ll go eat my pizza and relax for tomorrow…


  1. Miki Watts:

    Well, here in Israel, the shops are open from around 8-10 am to 7 pm. Places that sell peanuts, snacks, cigaretts and other little stuff like that usually stay open until around 12-2 am, and some even go 24/7 so you can almost always find some place if you want to eat something in the middle of the night.

  2. Martin Geisler:

    Thanks for the info. To be honest, then you can also find open shops after 18:30 in Swtizerland, but you’ll have to go to a train station. I have yet to find a kiosks here, though…

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