Thunder, lightning, wow!

Lightning Tonight we had a huge thunderstorm, which could be seen from our balcony. It was quite intensive, even though it was not directly over Buchs but nearby to the East.

I went out on our balcony, equipped with my trusty SONY DSC-V1 digital camera, wanting to see if I could capture a bolt of lightning with it. And I succeeded! I’ve never been able to shoot at the right moment before, but tonight was my lucky night :-)

The first photo is taken with a shutter speed of 2 seconds, and that’s why the sky has turned quite blue even though it’s half past ten in the evening.

More lightning

The second photo was taken with a smaller exposure, just half a second. In both photos one can see the “skyline” of Buchs at the bottom :-) We actually have a really nice view from our balcony of our apartment — of nothing in particular, but nice anyway.

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