Running around in Aarau and Zürich

A train rushing past me I spend much of my time and energy running around today… of course I didn’t just do it for the fun of it: I tried to catch trains.

It started in the morning when I left a little late. I still imagined that I would have time to run over to the bus stop — but no — the bus had left when I got there. At that point I was rather exhausted, but still I wanted to catch my train. It takes about 15 minutes to go from either my apartment or the bus stop to the train station. But having wasted some minutes running to the bus stop I was now seriously running out of time.

Half running, half walking, and feeling very dead I finally got to the train station, and finally found the right train after having been on a wrong platform at first. Stéphanie had left a little after me and had gone the direct way to the train, and luckily she was there to greet me when I entered the train.

During the ~30 minutes it takes for the train to reach Zürich I slowly regained my breath…

Then on my way home I wanted to print something, but the printer was just sitting there doing nothing (again)… Eventually I decided to leave it alone and head for the train station.

Running all the way it takes a little more than five minutes from IFW building of the [ETH][] to the station. I was lucky with the traffic lights, they turned green just as I got to the sidewalk, so I had a free run all the way. When I finally arrived at the platform (choosing the right one this time) I saw the train… it was leaving! It was a matter of mere seconds — I was so close to making it.

I went shopping in half hour I had to kill, before I finally got on the train, heading back to Aarau. What a day!

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  1. Tino Veitengruber:

    I love the ICE if you ever see a model of it for dc can you email
    at and give me the website because i want it really bad but cant find it nice picture

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