New WordPress plugins installed

I’ve installed a couple of cool plugins for WordPress on my site:

  • The Subscribe to Comments plugin lets you do exactly that: subscribe to new comments on specific posts. It’s enabled by default — but you of course have the choice to opt-out at any moment. Please let me know if you find the notifications helpful or not, or if you would rather see an opt-in solution instead.

  • A simple Permalink Redirect plugin that will enforce the structure of my permalinks. Right now it only handles the permalinks of posts, but I hope to see it updated to support pages as well.

  • Finally a little funny plugin: WP-GoogleStats keeps track of when the Googlebot pays my humble site a visit. You can see the time of the last visit at the bottom of each page.

Tell me what you think of the new plugins!

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  1. Martin Geisler:

    The WP-GoogleStats plugin has already picked up some statistics:

    Page Visits Frequency Last visit
    /php-tutorial/ 4 2h 42m 12s 2005-06-01 03:38:42
    / 8 1h 42m 23s 2005-06-01 03:38:28
    /feed/ 5 2h 59m 13s 2005-06-01 03:38:27

    It will be interesting to see how this evolves…

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