Fix your Markdown comments

If you — like me — are using the [PHP Markdown][] plugin to make it easy and fast to write posts without dealing with heavy-duty [XHTML][] markup, then you’ll need an additional plugin: Denis de Bernardy’s Markdown fix plugin.

Even with the latest version of PHP Markdown this plugin is needed to ensure that comments are treated properly. Without the fix all comments will be treated as a single paragraph, lists and verbatim sections wont work, and people will generally have a hard time of making coherent comments in your blog!


  1. Denis de Bernardy:

    Actually, it’s a courtesy of Michel Fortin, who maintains php Markdown. Michel sent me the bug fixes for release under GPL as soon as I notified him that I was beginning to work on them.

  2. Martin Geisler:

    Aha… so your plugin fixes which have to be distributed under the [GPL][] — because they are derived from WordPress, which itself is distributed under the GPL.

    Why didn’t Michel just distribute the fixes himself in that case? He could even have licensed his port under the GPL from what I know, since GPL programs can come from BSD programs (but not the other way around).

  3. Denis de Bernardy:

    The fix had to be GPL because of a big chunk of code in it that is courtesy of Kimmo Suominen. As far as I know, not all plugins are GPL.

    Best I know is Michel decided to not distribute the fix himself, because he fixed Markdown for 1.5.1 in the meanwhile. But as he did, 1.5.1 introduced a new bug which the fix plugin fixes as well.

  4. Martin Geisler:

    Okay, thanks for the explaination. It works very nicely now, so I’m happy!

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