Finally, all old news has been converted!

I’ve finally managed to convert the news from the [PhpWiki][] era into [Markdown][] syntax and import it into [WordPress][]. So I now have a complete archive of news all the way from the very first post to the five year anniversary post. New posts include my enthusiastic announcement of the WikiWikiWeb, something about the art of writing BETA code (and making it look nice in [LaTeX][] afterwards), my “live” report from The Party, playing with Freenet, handing in the dOvs project, the very first release of PEL, and 97 other more or less interesting tidbits from the last three years!

I’ve imported the news into the “Uncategorized” category, and I will sort it in the next few days. There’s probably also still some quirks left behind from the PhpWiki markup, even though I was able to convert most of it.

The conversion is actually pretty cool — making so-called reference style links in Markdown, and doing word-wrapping too, just to make the source look nice! The code is available for download — if you click on the link, but don’t like regular expressions, then please close your eyes…


  1. Kristian Kristensen:

    You’re just ahead of me! I’ve been talking my conversion up for the last couple of months, but haven’t done a thing about it. Guess I oughta get movin’ :-)

  2. Martin Geisler:

    Hehe :-) But I’ve also been thinking about the conversation for a long time, I guess ever since I installed the WikiWikiWeb, for with that the old news system disappeared.

    Then with [WordPress][] I had a more difficult problem of converting the news, for [PhpWiki][] markup is much harder to parse than the cute little [HTML][] fragments that were my posts in the original system.

    But it’s finally done — and with WordPress all my content is in a pretty simple markup format ([Markdown][]) and way they are stored in the database is also very simple.

    So for now I think that’s an okay format… Of course, the future dream is to have a real parser deal with the content.

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