The WikiWikiWeb is gone

As many of you will know, then I have been moving things around at my site — one of the big changes is that I no longer run a WikiWikiWeb here. So if you came to this page following a link to some page named /wiki/... then I’m sorry, those pages are no more.

The most important of the old pages (such as the one for [PHP Shell][] and my old news) have been moved to new locations, and redirections has been implemented for those pages.

Perhaps you could leave a comment below explaining what you wanted to see coming here? And also, please go back to the page you came from and fix the broken link. Thanks!


  1. Martin Geisler:

    I can see in my logfiles that this page has been hit more than 300 times this month alone.

    Could somebody please leave a comment describing what you were looking for? Thanks!

  2. alex co:

    shell per php, a different programm like phpshell

  3. Martin Geisler:

    Ah, thanks for telling me. The only other PHP Shell like program that I can find is MyShell.

  4. tintamerah:

    i dont know what im searching for. but im a h4ck3r who will make your ya dream as a night mare!

  5. Martin Geisler:

    Uhh, that sure sounds scary ;-)

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